Building Project

Building Project


It’s been an iconic, vital part of the community for nearly 90 years; now the Mount Maunganui Lifeguard Service needs your help to keep saving lives on our beaches.

Our former building had served us brilliantly, but after four decades in the harshest of environments, the cost of repairing it was getting too much. The lifeguard tower area constantly leaked, the basement flooded in heavy rain, and we didn’t have enough space to serve our growing community.

Generous funding partners have allowed us to get a head-start on the new building. Demolition work is now finished, and builders are getting stuck into the new facility over winter, to minimise disruption to our summer patrolling season. Now we urgently need your help to finish what we’ve started.

Our new building will be a world-class, multi-use community facility. It will give us greater visibility from the lifeguard tower, better access to equipment so we can respond faster and a dedicated emergency operations base.  That means our core lifeguard duties won’t be disrupted by functions, events or emergency service operations, and vice-versa.

Tauranga’s population explosion means our lifesaving services are needed more than ever.  Last season, our dedicated volunteers spent more than 5,000 hours patrolling our beaches, undertaking 1,782 preventative actions to stop people getting into danger, and completing 57 lifesaving rescues.  Our 24-hour emergency response squad attends multiple callouts per month, performing first aid and helping other emergency services deal with incidents on Mauao, search and rescue missions, body recoveries, fires and Coastguard call-outs.

We’ve been the emergency operations base for incidents such as the Rena oil spill in 2011, the search for 5-year-old Jack Dixon in 2014 and major fires on Mauao, including the most recent in 2016.

We’re a highly visible focal point for the beach-loving Mount Maunganui community, with our members hailing from all walks of life in the wider Bay of Plenty region.

You don’t need to be a lifeguard to be a life-saver – simply by giving generously today, you will help save lives tomorrow. Donate here now! 


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